"Ansaba's Etem was named after my mother Augustina Ephraim, fondly called by her Fantse name, Ansaba.

My mother was entrepreneurial minded and always saw that Ghana has so much to offer America and the rest of the world. She always wanted to start a clothing business from Ghana with an American spin which would appeal to the rest of the world. We discussed doing this until she passed in 2013.


During my multiple trips to Ghana, I designed outfits and had them made for myself. Each time I wore these outfits, I would get compliments and people asking me  how they could get what I was wearing as well. So I began to have outfits made for my friends. After my mother passed and I later decided to start the company, everything just fell into place.  I'd taken some of my mother's beautiful garments and refit them or took pieces of them and incorporate them into garments I made for myself, hence the company name was born; Ansaba's Etem (Ansaba's cloth)   

The outfits are inspired by Ghanaian culture and made in Ghana by Ghanaian tailors and seamstresses. We are so happy to share the beauty and creativity that Ghana can bring to you. We hope you enjoy!"


Hannah Ephraim


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