Black History Month; Black History Fact

Do you, by chance, know who was the first president of independent Ghana? Why do I ask this question you may ask? Ghana (which was previously known as the Gold Coast and still quite fondly referred to as such), the place I call home, the place my ancestors come from, the place my inspiration derives, is also the port of which many, who are now referenced as African Americans, Jamaicans , Haitian, and so many other nationalities, began the journey to many parts of the world. Instead of beginning there, I fast forward to 1957 when The Gold Coast gained her independence from the rule of Britain and elected Kwame Nkrumah as the first president. As the story is told, prior to the independence of Ghana, Nkrumah joined a group named the United Gold Cost Convention (UGCC). Through dissension with UGCC, he later went on to form his own party named the Convention's People Party (CPP). This party went on to push against British rule eventually leading to Independence of the Gold Coast/Ghana.

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