How the Twin Cities Got Their Names

Though Accra maybe the capital of Ghana, Sekondi was once a city that bustled just as much as Accra. Sekondi, one half of the twin cities Secondi Takoradi, got it's name from the Ahanta phrase Eze Kumi (the pepper is killing me). Sekondi started off as a pepper farm by the Ahanta ethnic tribe of Ghana, and one young girl who complained about her early morning wakings for work, would complain bitterly: Eze Kumi, Eze Kumi. The people then named the pepper farm Eze Kumi. As the city grew the people of the Fantse tribe came along, but had difficulty pronouncing the Ahanta phrase Eze Kumi and pronounced it Sekundi (Sekooon-Dee). When the whites then came along, they could not pronounce Sekundi and pronounced the city Sekondi (Second-Dee). Hence the

city is now named Secondi.

Now the second half of the twin cities, Takoradi, started with the people assembling under the tree called Takor (prounounced Taqwor). Under the tree is said in Ahanta, takor-ia-wase (Takora-wa-see). The Fantses pronounced it Takradzi and for the same reason as before the whites came lalong

and called it Takoradi and now, in jest, Takoradi has been abbreviated to Tadi, an endearing term for the city.

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